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Nail shape: how to choose the most suitable one for you

To have perfect hands it is very important to carefully choose the shape of the nails, as it can accentuate the beauty of our hands or have a negative aesthetic effect. How to find the right shape? Here is a guide with all the most popular forms and useful advice for choosing the one best suited to you.

Main nail shapes to choose from

To achieve elegance and harmony with your nails, it is essential to consider the shape of the nails, as this often influences the aesthetics of the hand to a greater extent than to the manicure itself and the choice of nail polish color. Let's find out together what the most popular nail shapes are, from the classics to the latest trends.

  • Square or square nail: it is a classic; it has been one of the most popular choices for many years, as it allows you to have a space large enough to express creativity through nail art; from a technical point of view it is the most complex to create.
  • Oval: among all, it is certainly the most versatile shape and, at the moment, much requested in beauty salons, also given the simplicity of execution; the free edge is round and wide, capable of making the shape harmonious, adapting to different needs.
  • Squoval: more recent than the previous ones, as the name suggests, it was born from the fusion between the square and oval nail shape and is characterized by more rounded edges compared to the square; it is decidedly more portable than the square, but still requires more technical parameters than the oval shape.
  • Almond: it has the appearance of an elongated oval, like the dried fruit from which it takes its name, so it ends with a free edge that is quite elongated and pointed, but also soft; in recent years it has undergone rapid diffusion, as it is simple to make and very practical, without giving up a fine and delicate shape.
  • Ballerina: known in Italy with this name, it is known throughout the world with the English term coffin (coffin); it is one of the novelties in the field of nails, with a shape similar to an almond, but without the elongated part, which seems to be truncated; its implementation is quite simple.

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New forms or extreme forms

In order to create a more eye-catching look, you could also opt for a bolder nail shape. Among the latest trends, in fact, we also find models that are very difficult to create, with a complex structure and often difficult to manage in everyday life.

  • Stiletto: its long and pointed shape recalls that of the weapon from which it takes its name; it is one of the least portable, precisely because of the thin, very delicate tip.
  • Extra long Square: the square shape can be stretched to excess, creating a completely new aesthetic effect; it is a very popular version especially in structure competitions, among experts, but it is very difficult to carry into everyday life.
  • Pipe: this is a shape that can be made in a long or mini version; it is a sort of square with a 45° cut at the free edge which visually takes on a rounded shape.
  • Marylin/Monroe: they are two very similar models; the Monroe was originally born as a variation of the Marylin, but both are very graceful and slightly narrow at the tip; they can be made in both long and mini versions and unlike other shapes, they are quite portable.
  • Gothic almond: it is usually longer than the classic almond shape and can also be made in mini format; its peculiarity is that the front arch recalls the classic arches of Gothic architecture.
  • Edge: it is probably the most complex and particular shape to create, it is extra long and aesthetically reminiscent of the roof of a house; It has a very sharp tip, which makes it impractical.

Shape and characteristics of nails

In order to choose the nail best suited to the shape of your hands, it is important to know some components of the nail: the nail plate, or rather what, generally, we mean by nail), which set of keratin; the nail base, which refers to the fold within which the plate is located; the nail bed, one of the matrices in which the plates are produced. Among the most important factors to take into consideration are:

  • hand structure: to understand if you have a small or larger shape, you can compare it with your friends and, at the same time, measure the length of your fingers compared to the palm;
  • width of the nail bed: knowing how wide your nails are is very important for choosing the most suitable structure for you, especially for shapes that require a certain type of base to hold;
  • natural shape of the nail: this is an aspect that should not be underestimated to obtain a harmonious and elegant effect;
  • nail length: for many women it is a thorny factor, because the desired length is not always achieved; in some cases this element should not be underestimated because it can hinder some techniques and make bolder and more elongated shapes impossible.

The shape best suited to you

Among the most widespread and wearable shapes, the rounded one is certainly one of the most versatile because it adapts to every type of hand (from the widest to the stockiest). The oval shape therefore represents an ideal solution for all, capable of enhancing and satisfying different types of needs. Furthermore, oval-shaped nails do not require much attention to maintain: they give an elegant and refined look, inconspicuous, but classy, ​​without the risk of breakage or particular difficulties.

The square shape adapts very well to all nail lengths, even if the ideal one is medium, given the presence of angular edges. However, this model is especially suitable for women with thin hands, tapered fingers and fairly wide nail beds. In past years it was the most popular model, while more recently other forms have become more widespread. Among the most popular is the almond shape which, unlike the square one, is perfect for giving those who choose it a tapered and elegant hand: it is ideal for you if your intent is to streamline . For correct implementation, however, a certain length of the nail margin is necessary. A middle ground between the oval and the squared shape is the squoval, a perfect shape to create a union between the squared structure and the practicality of the rounded nail. This is a solution especially suitable for a hand that is not very long, but which is not too stocky. This shape is greatly enhanced by the solid color nail polish.

Both the ballerina model and the stiletto model, finally, are highly recommended for sturdier hands, precisely because their elongated shape allows the hands to be thinner, while they are to be avoided by those who already have very long fingers. Despite their beauty and peculiarity, they are very delicate, especially the ballerina shape, and require a natural nail long enough to be created.

Ideal color and decoration

Once you have chosen the shape of the nails, to complete the nails it is essential to decide which color or decoration you prefer to enhance it. Among the latest trends is the Dip Powder manicure, which consists in the use of an acrylic powder nail polish, an innovative semi-permanent product that dries directly in the open air. This is a very practical solution for coloring your nails, as it does not require a UV lamp and lasts from two to four weeks. You will therefore be able to get a manicure like a beautician, saving significantly by purchasing the Dip Powder Kit by Torrid Nails, a professional set full of nail polishes and accessories that will allow you to obtain the desired effect in approximately 15 minutes. The Torrid Nails kit follows the principles of the Dip System and is based on three simple steps, namely: application of the base gel, immersion of the nail in powder nail polish and, finally, application of the sealant.


The choice of nail shape is very important as it can favor or not favor the aesthetics of your nails and, overall, of your hands. There are many factors to consider, including your personal taste, the shape of your hand, as well as the width and length of your nail. Furthermore, further elements not to be underestimated are your habits, for example if you go to the gym or do competitive sports, the work you do or if you have particular hobbies: these are all factors that influence the success and maintenance of the structure, as some forms of nails are more delicate than others. In any case, having nails that are always well-groomed and suited to your style will add charm to your look, giving you an elegant and trendy look with the right color.

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