Semipermanente senza lampada , scopri la soluzione innovativa!

Semi-permanent without lamp, discover the innovative solution!

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The semi-permanent nail polish has been an indispensable trend for many years for many women who don't have much time to dedicate to taking care of their nails, but don't want to give up satisfaction to see them perfect for a long time: it is, in fact, a long-lasting solution that guarantees excellent results, moreover capable of adapting perfectly to any type of manicure: which whether you prefer a natural style with neutral tones or long nails with bright colours, if you have never tried this technique, you will probably have thought about it at least once.

Until now, "semi-permanent" only designated photohardening nail polishes, i.e. liquid nail polishes that dry with a LED or UV lamp which causes polymerization.

                       semipermanente senza lampada

But today there are new types of nail polish on the market which, despite not using the oven, give a result equal if not superior to the traditional semi-permanent.

Advantages of semi-permanent nail polish without UV lamp

Why should you be interested in using a semi-permanent without a UV lamp?

Provided you find a product that gives the same results in duration and resistance as traditional semi-permanent, the one without a UV lamp presents a series of non-negligible advantages.

Firstly the speed of application: if you dry your nails with the toaster oven you need at least 40 minutes an hour to do a manicure, letting the nails dry air nails you will be able to do it in 15 minutes, saving time.

Freedom of execution: if you need to carry a toaster oven with you, a manicure or pedicure doesn't become so simple especially if you go on holiday or have to move. In fact, carrying a UV lamp with you is not so comfortable.

Health: drying with a UV lamp is not good for our nails. According to some American experts, it could increase the risk of skin cancer on the hands. The UV radiation emitted by these devices, in fact, can damage the skin like that of any tanning lamp. The risk is obviously minimal, since the quantity of rays emitted by the lamps is limited, but it must also be considered that in itself it is equal to the maximum dose that would be recommendable in an entire day.

Cost: if you want to do a home manicure you have to buy a UV lamp and perhaps also choose a professional one that doesn't damage your hands and therefore not cheap.

What types of semi-permanent nail polish without lamp are on the market

There are many semi-permanent nail polishes on the market without a UV lamp.

Many brands have created their own line of liquid nail polishes that dry without using an oven and which promise long-lasting results.

However, in recent years we have learned that although these nail polishes are more resistant than traditional nail polish, they do not have the same resistance.

They often last a maximum of 10 days compared to 3 weeks for lamp nail polish and break or chip very easily.

Today, however, a new type of semi-permanent nail polish without UV lamp has arrived in Italy, capable of competing in terms of durability and resistance with traditional semi-permanent nail polishes.

We are talking about semi-permanent powder nail polishes or Dip Powder.

The best semi-permanent without UV lamp: Dip Powder technique

Powder or dip powder nail polishes give a gel effect but are less aggressive than traditional compounds.

The classic gel, in fact, usually compacts in such a way as to make it difficult for the tissue to breathe, predisposing to the formation of bacterial infections or mycosis in the spaces within which humidity collects.

Furthermore, it is easier to apply: the Dip Powder manicure can be done successfully even if you are not particularly expert in the field or it is your first time tests because being powdered it doesn't smudge. Simply, the powder that accidentally lands on the finger can be easily removed before finishing with the liquid fixative.

Similarly, it is more difficult to create effects that compromise the uniformity of the result, as happens when the nail polish goes on the cuticles. In practice, in short, on an aesthetic level the result will be decidedly better, and if you are a perfectionist, nail polish without a lamp will prove to be a perfect solution.

But the advantages don't end there!

Semi-permanent powder nail polish without UV lamp lasts up to 4 weeks and once applied it is more resistant than normal semi-permanent nail polish . Even opening cans and doing manual labor does not cause them to break.

Finally, from the treatment point of view, the filing that is required by the powder before it can be applied is much more superficial than that which is normally carried out before the liquid nail polish. In this way, your nails will not be weakened and will be able to count on all their natural strength and hardness.

    semipermanente senza lampada

Obviously you will only be able to truly experience all these advantages by choosing the right products, i.e. high quality powder nail polishes, such as those offered by Torrid Nails, which offers semi-permanent nail kits without lamp in various colors and textures, so that each woman can choose the colors and the effects that best suit your tastes. This brand only offers nail polishes that have undergone numerous tests, so that they are completely safe for any type of nail and even for skin predisposed to allergic reactions. Furthermore, acrylic nail polish powder is decidedly lighter than that contained in the gel, consequently its effects on health are also less harmful.

For all the reasons we have seen, therefore, powder nail polish is an excellent compromise between the classic manicure, which however has an extremely limited duration before being damaged, and a gel nail polish, which however it has the flaw of not letting the nail breathe. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to count on a long-lasting nail polish without a lamp, which will remain flawless without chipping or ruining for at least three weeks. In any case, we recommend that you interrupt treatments occasionally, so as to give your nails short break periods in which they can regenerate and regain full health.

Furthermore, the Dip Powder manicure represents a true revolution in the world of nail care, both because it can be easily replicated independently and because it does not require the use of particular equipment.

  • No need for UV lamp
  • It is simple to apply
  • Resists up to 4 weeks
  • It's easy to remove

From the point of view of the necessary materials, you will simply need to get the basic powder, some good liquids and, of course, the colored powder you want to see on your nails. Having these few tools at your disposal, 15 minutes will be enough for you at home to carry out the operation, and to learn the procedure you can easily rely on tutorials: you will see that it is not necessary to have strong technical skills.

Among the Torrid Nails proposals you can choose from a vast selection that includes our kits with everything needed for an impeccable result: you won't need anything else ! And if you love experimenting, you can indulge yourself with our colors and the different types of finishes, which will allow you to get the result you prefer. In this way you will be able to show off an effect completely similar to that obtained from the gel, but with all the advantages we have seen previously, simply by applying the powder color and the help of very high quality products. All without having to wait for the nail polish to dry under the lamplight.

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