Unghie Primavera 2023: le nuove tendenza della manicure

Spring 2023 nails: the new manicure trends

Spring is a season of rebirth and change, and this also applies to nail fashion. Every year, nail art trends change and this spring 2023 is no exception.

Although as usual we see evergreen nail art like floral themed nails they are a must for spring. With floral motifs like cherry blossoms, roses and sunflowers, this nail art brings a little color and cheer into your daily routine. This style can be made in a wide range of colors, from pastel shades to bright colors, depending on your personal tastes.

2023 also holds surprises for us and let's see the main ones.

Gradient red, an option to keep in mind

Among the most appreciated our colours, the shaded redo stands out, tending to the carmine variant. The feedback is very positive, because shaded red nails are synonymous with the perfect balance between hot and cold. Influencers and personalities from the Italian star system and overseas countries have already started to show it off.

Unghie Primavera Rosso Sfumato

What about Viva Magenta?

The spring nail trends 2023, in certain aspects, will follow what began in December last year: the Pantone color 2023, i.e. Viva Magenta, will have a strong impact on the collective imagination, positively impacting not only in the context of nail art, but also in complementary sectors, such as the fashion, hair style, make-up, graphic design and interior design sectors.

Unghie Primavera Viva Magenta

The Viva Magenta variant will be popular especially among those with a free and, in some respects, rebellious spirit, as it is an unconventional color in a decidedly new historical phase outside the canonical patterns: since the end of the year, fashion bloggers and influencers have been showing off nails in this particular red which finds inspiration in cochineal, understood as one of the oldest dyes. The top among women who aspire to show long, healthy, shiny, strong and well-groomed nails. The final outcome will however be strictly connected to the glaze base adopted and the type of product applied. With our powder nail polish, for example, the result will be pleasant. With a product of the caliber of Dip Powder you will create a top coat effect that is truly beautiful to look at and, above all, long-lasting.

Rouge noir nails

Those who love dark nail polishes even in the spring season will certainly appreciate one of the trendiest ideas of the moment, namely rouge noir nails. From the manicure designed by Tom Bachick, an established nail artist for Hollywood celebrities, many stars have shown them off on the red carpet. Margot Robbie is a case in point in this regard. Those looking for an intense and chic look at the same time will certainly appreciate this color combination.

Unghie Primavera Rouge Noir

Nails with super shiny black nail polish

Among the most glamorous nails of spring 2023, it is worth mentioning the version with super shiny black nail polish. I like it because it's simple to make. The combination of black nail polish and glitter nail polish is very successful, but always tone on tone. Other shades of nail polish are also convincing: gold, silver and nude above all. Nail polishes with very fine glitter are also equally trendy: they are very popular when you want to create French Manicure Glitter or flashy and typically glowy looks that affect the nails in their entirety.

New Nail Art for Spring 2023

We have seen the colors that will be in fashion for spring 2023 but alongside this we can add many new features regarding nail art and the type of nail polish application.

Matt effect on pastel colors

Apparently, matt effect nails with pastel colorso will conquer the reference panorama in view of the spring season. The matt effect gel nails will be in great demand especially by those who prefer high-impact manicures that last over time. In terms of shades, the matt white nails will be the most fashionable, followed by the matt red nails. Flattering reviews also regarding particularly delicate pastel colours, such as matt pink for example. Finally, the wisteria, in the pastel version, guarantees a simply spectacular visual result.

Unghie Primavera Effetto Matt colori pastello

Chrome mirror effect nails

The chrome effect is a growing trend in the world of nail art and is becoming increasingly popular among women who want an elegant and sophisticated look. Chrome effect nail polishes have a metallic finish that creates a bright and shiny appearance on the surface of the nails. This type of nail polish is available in a wide range of colors, from golden to silver tones, to suit everyone's personal tastes.

To obtain the chrome effect, it is important to use a specific nail polish that has metallic properties. These nail polishes have a formula that makes them easy to apply and guarantees long-lasting color. Additionally, chrome-effect nail polishes are often made with high-quality ingredients that protect your nails and make them stronger.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, chrome-effect nail polishes are also very versatile. They can be used as a base to create a wide range of designs and patterns, or they can be used on their own to create an elegant and simple look. Furthermore, chrome effect nail polishes are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, parties or formal events.

Place the chrome finish with the nuance that can best enhance it, such as anthracite grey, silver and gold, is what tradition would theoretically impose. However, the new nuances for spring 2023 suggest that the mirror effect will be one of the most pleasant novelties. This was evident from the first catwalks of the year.

Unghie Primavera Unghie cromate

The Glass Nails will be able to count on metallic reflections with an incredible visual impact: nuances that are both calm and dark will enhance intense colors such as purple, blue and petrol green. The combination of color depth and chrome plating is what the new enamels will offer.

Holo Nails: Holographic effect nails

As a trend for the first months of the new year, there will then be maximum attention for the Holo Nails, i.e. the holographic nails.

Unghie Primavera Holo Nails

Holo nails are a growing trend in nail art that is taking the beauty world by storm. With their iridescent finish, these nails shimmer and sparkle under the light, creating a unique and mesmerizing look. This trend is ideal for women who want to add a touch of fun and originality to their nail art.

Holo nail polishes have a special formula that contains micro-particles that reflect light differently, creating a rainbow effect that changes color depending on the light that hits it. These nail polishes are available in a wide range of shades, from pastel colors to more vibrant ones, to suit everyone's personal tastes.

Glazed Donut Nails

For a few seasons, Glazed Donut Nails have confirmed themselves as trendy. This unique and fun style is inspired by indulgent desserts, creating an appearance similar to that of a glazed donut.

Unghie Primavera Glazed Donut Nails

Also known as crystal nails, they can be appreciated due to their brightness. Glazed Donut Nails are an ideal option for women who want a colorful and fun look. They can be combined with any outfit to create a unique and original appearance. Furthermore, this style is perfect for informal occasions such as parties, outings with friends or weekends outdoors.

French manicure: how it is revisited in 2023

French Manicure Glitter

The original shades will become popular with colors glowy. As for glitter, there are those who will favor the more flashy ones and those who will prefer the less showy ones. Fashion magazines are already starting to cover French Manicure Glitter which will not be a trend that will only be shown off on important events, such as during parties or ceremonies, but also in routine moments. The glitter bezel is starting to become fashionable not only among those involved in styling and fashion. The same goes for the more structured variants, such as the glitter in silver or in gold, as well as for the colored alternatives.

Crystals, rhinestones, glitter and everything that glitters are part of the trend spring nails 2023. The surface of the nails in the case of women of leadership should be so shiny, to the point of almost allowing them to be mirrored. And there are already those among the professionals who claim that colored, glittery and bright nails will ensure a truly incredible visual result.

Micro French Manicure

Among the timeless classics, the Micro French Manicure certainly deserves a special mention. These are simple and versatile almond-shaped nails that look good both among those who prefer the long variant and those who opt for the short one. With a very thin bezel you can achieve spectacular results, to say the least.


Glazed Donut French Manicure

Another themed variation features the Glazed Donut French Manicure. What is it about? Basically, classic French nails on which the powder is applied, designed to guarantee the glossy effect that is increasingly fashionable today. The glance is guaranteed. The best among those with a very refined style.

Spring 2023 Nails: new innovative techniques.

The spring 2023 nail trends are truly varied, and in addition to presenting a large number of innovations from the point of view of colors and effects they also see innovations from the in terms of techniques.

Dip Powder Manicure has arrived in the semi-permanent nail polish scene for a few years and is destined to become popular in spring 2023.

The Dip Powder Manicure will be appreciated by DIY lovers. Well-groomed hands, without necessarily needing to go to the beautician, for the simple reason that the nail polish will be really simple to remove.

With powder nail polish, increasingly in use during spring 2023, you can count on a valid alternative to both semi-permanent manicures and gel reconstruction. The color is applied by dipping the finger into the powder from the jar and not by using a brush. The Dip System, in fact, will continue to gain approval.

And there was no doubt about it! With the Kit by Torrid Nails, you have everything you need to create a professional manicure at your fingertips, from the comfort of your own home.

Spring 2023 nails: what changes compared to previous years?

In comparison to the trends of the past, with the spring nails 2023 what comes out is the desire to have fun with the finish, favoring metallic, pearlescent and glow effects. The common denominator of the cases in question is that they perfectly manage to enhance the beauty of the colors.

In short, as far as the new spring nail trends 2023 are concerned, you are spoiled for choice: there are many options from which you can draw inspiration for the perfect manicure. The new manicure trends clearly suggest that when nails need to be embellished and personalized, it is always a good idea to prefer purchasing good powder nail polishes, Torrid Nails .

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