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What are the best Dip Powder Kits on the market?

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If you always love having an impeccable manicure, you will certainly have heard of Dip Powder Kits.

The Dip Powder manicure, or powder nail polish, is a completely innovative technique, which, like the gel, lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. It lends itself to being used in the professional field, but also at home, as it can be made easily and quickly, without smudges and without the use of a UV lamp.

In this article we will first see what it is and how it is made, and then we will dedicate ourselves to a list of the Dip Powder Kits on the market. We will make a price-quality comparison and give you advice on how to have all the tools you need to try the perfect Dip Powder Manicure.

The suggestion is therefore to use reliable brands, which only use top-of-the-range substances that are well tolerated by the skin, so that there are no contraindications immediately or in the long run.

The aim is to be able to count on nails as hard as marble, capable of withstanding stress as best as possible, especially if operations are carried out during the day where the manicure is put to the test.

What does the dip powder manicure consist of

As can be seen from the word itself, the dip powder manicure replaces the classic gel with a powder nail polish, which clings to the surface of the nail creating a layer very compact and able to resist even for 3-4 weeks.

It is a technique that is halfway between the classic manicure and total reconstruction with coverage, resulting lighter on the nail but also thin to the eye, with a natural aesthetic, but at the same time decidedly pleasant.

To create a perfect dip powder, it is necessary to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment, contained in special kits that can be found on the market complete with every element and at advantageous prices.

Make sure you have everything you need for a preparatory manicure at home, such as a buffer file that eliminates the top layer of keratin so that the surface of the nail is smooth and ready to best accept the powder.

Furthermore, you will need a classic file to give the correct shape to your nails, opting for the classic round or square versions, or for a more modern solution such as the oval or almond-shaped one.

Each hand has the shape that best makes it slim, so experiment to find the one that best suits your needs.

Don't forget a wooden stick to push back the cuticles and prevent them from ruining the desired effect, as well as scissors to remove the lateral cuticles and prevent the area from becoming inflamed.

Once you have these essential tools at hand, you can think about which kit to select to perform a perfect dip powder manicure, evaluating your manual skills, the type of use that will be made of the product, whether homemade or professional, the substances used and the reviews of other customers who have already had the opportunity to test the brands in question.

Let's see in detail which are the most popular kits and why we prefer them to the many others on the market.

The best Dip Powder Kits on the market

Powder Polish Dip System by Cuccio Pro

We start from the assumption that Cuccio Pro is an Italian brand, which ensures excellent performance in terms of durability and skin health.

Inside a package with attractive packaging you will find 6 different liquids. Aside from the 4 essential liquids offered by all companies, Cuccio Pro also offers a brush cleaner and an emollient substance based on honey proteins, which serves to soften hangnails and cuticles so that they are more manageable in the future and do not fall apart. to ruin the application of the enamel.

Price of the kit just the liquids around 65.95 and inside it has:

  • the four essential liquids
  • A cleaner for brushes to use between one step and another
  • A milk and honey cuticle oil
  • 5 manicure powders (in the colors Passionate Pink, a bright fuchsia, French Pink, delicate pink, Clear, transparent, White, White and Multicolor Glitter)


The Dipping Powder System kit by Torrid Nails

Certainly one of the most complete kits in circulation is the one offered by Torrid Nails, a company that over time has been able to distinguish itself from competitors for the highest quality of the substances used, which offer a professional result even with a home manicure.

The colored powders are thin and simple to apply, drying and setting immediately, so as to save time and above all they can also be used by those who are not very familiar with creating a semi-professional manicure.

This is the Kit so you don't miss anything:

  • 4 essential liquids
  • basic powder
  • 24 colors in powder
  • a brush to dust your nails
  • two spare brushes for liquids
  • powder collecto.

The quality/price ratio is very good, because for a professional kit complete with 24 colours, the company asks: 99 euros.


The Dipping Powder System kit by Revel Nail

Another possible option are the Dipping Powder System kits from Revel Nail. This company offers a basic kit with a single shade of color which for a price of 39.49 offers:

  • 4 essential liquids
  • 4 colored powders of different shades of the same color

The color in the kit is a very neutral and delicate pink, which colors with an elegant and refined effect, to then be finished with a transparent top coat which smoothes the surface making it shiny and compact.

You will be able to find various tutorials on the web linked to this kit, simple to use and above all with the advantage of rapid drying, so that it is not necessary to use any UV lamp to carry out the treatment, which is often harmful to the skin and cells.

RobyNails starter kit

RobyNails is a company from Milan, specialized in nail reconstruction and care products, gels, nail polishes and semi-permanent nail polishes.

Thanks to its vast distribution network, the company is present in many cities in Italy and also has offices abroad.

Starter Kit Dip System by RobyNails has a price of 73.20 and contains:

  • three essential liquids
  • the base powder
  • 1 color
  • a file
  • a dust collector

Choose the best Kit for your Dip Powder manicure

If you have therefore decided to take care of your hands, an important business card towards the outside world, do not hesitate to try this DIY technique, as the kits presented will guide you step by step in this procedure and they will allow you to save time and money, opting for the colors of the moment and for a natural and subtle result.

Choose a brand like Torrid Nails to have top performance over time and rely on a brand that has been able to combine affordable prices with substances tested over time by a team of experts attentive to the latest trends in the field of nail art.

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