Apply nail polish safely and effectively

Step 1 - Nail Preparation

- Clean your nails with a remover.

*This will help to remove any polish residue or oils.*

- Buff the nail with a buffer file to enhance the adhesion of the dip powder (Dip Powder).

- File your nails into the desired shape and gently push back the cuticles.

Step 2 - Base Coat and Powder Base Application

This step is crucial for providing your nails a solid base that will help prevent lifting and allow the color to adhere firmly to the nail. Finally, it adds a protective layer.

- Apply a thin layer of Base Coat on a nail, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Dip the nail into the Powder Base.

- Wait for 15 seconds.

- Brush off the excess powder.

- Repeat the operation on each nail.

Step 3 - Base Coat and Color

- Apply a thin layer of Base Coat on a nail, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Dip the nail into the Color (Dip Powder) and wait for about 15 seconds.

Brush off the excess powder with the brush.

- Use a cuticle pusher to remove any imperfections.

- Repeat the operation on each nail.

*If necessary, apply another coat of Base Coat and Color on each nail until the desired color intensity is achieved. Some colors are darker than others and require only one coat, while others may need two.

Step 4 - Activator

- Apply a thin layer of Activator (Activator) on all nails.

- Wait for 5-8 minutes and use the buffer file.

- Apply a second thin layer of Activator and wait for 3 minutes

*During this step, the layers will be hardened without the use of a UV lamp. Our activator hardens the powder.*

Step 5 - Top Coat

This is the final phase of the manicure. In this step, we'll add shine to the nail for a WOW finish and seal everything.

- Apply a thin layer of top coat on all nails

*In this way, we seal the color.*

- Wait 3 minutes.

Step 6 - Finishing

-  Apply a second layer of Top Coat for added shine and durability.

- Wait 3 minutes.

Enjoy the result.

Our Tips

✔️Do not use hand/nail care lotions before application, as a greasy surface reduces adhesion.

✔️ Make sure to apply the essential liquids one nail at a time and immediately dip the nail into the powder before moving on to the next finger.

✔️ Apply only a thin layer of liquids at a time to avoid distortions or unwanted thickening.

✔️ Gently brush off the excess powder after each use.

✔️ Take your time between each step to achieve the best possible result.

✔️ Follow the specified waiting times between Activator - Top Coat.

✔️ Apply a sufficient amount of Activator so the powder adheres optimally and no air bubbles form at the edges. Do not forget the tip and the edges of the nail.

✔️ Always wait to complete the whole hand before removing the excess with the brush.

✔️ Close the liquids immediately after use to prevent the product from hardening.

✔️ Clean the applicators after each manicure by soaking them for about 1-2 hours in the brush saver.


Removal is quick and easy.
You can remove it in as little as 15 minutes with either our removal set or 100% pure Acetone.

powder glaze lasts up to 4 weeks without cracking or chipping

With a single color you can make up to 30 manicures

Of course! Our nail polishes can also be applied easily on toenails.

Absolutely! Our nail polishes are designed to do coverage on natural nail, reconstructions and Tips.

No problem, you can try your nail polishes for 30 days and if you don't like them you can return them.