Aplicar o verniz de unhas de forma segura e eficiente

Step 1 - Preparation of the items

- Clean your clothes with a remover.

*This will help you eliminate any residue from enamel or nail polish.*

- Use a buffer file to improve the adhesion of the dipping powder (Dip Powder).

- File your hair to the desired shape and gently smooth your cuticles.

Step 2 - Applying the Base and Powder Base

This step is crucial to provide your eyes with a solid base that will help prevent skin peeling and allow the color to stick firmly to the eye. Finally, add a protective cape.

- Apply a light cap of Base Coat to one skin, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Sumerge the one in the Polvo Base (Base Powder).

- Wait 15 seconds.

- Remove excess dust.

- Repeat the operation every time.

Step 3 - Base Coat and Color

- Apply a light cap of Base Coat to one skin, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Mix one in the Color (Dip Powder) and wait 15 seconds.

Remove excess dust with the pin.

- Use a cuticle remover to remove any blemishes.

- Repeat the operation every time.

*If necessary, apply another layer of Base Coat and Color each time until you reach the desired color intensity. Some colors are darker than others and only require one head, while others may need two.

Step 4 - Activator

- Apply a thin cap of Activator (Activator) to each item.

- Wait 5 to 8 minutes and use the buffer file.

- Apply a second cap of the Activator and wait 3 minutes

*During this time, the hair will harden without the use of a UV lamp. Our activator endures the dust.*

Step 5 - Top Coat

This is the final phase of the manicure. In this step, we will add the shine to the one for a WOW ride and we will saddle it all.

- Apply a thin layer of top coat to all the parts

*In this way, let's sell the color.*

- Wait 3 minutes.

Paso 6 - Acabado

-  Apply a second layer of Top Coat for greater shine and durability.

- Wait 3 minutes.

Enjoy the result.

Our Councils

✔️Do not use hand lotions before application, as a greasy surface reduces adhesion.

✔️ Be sure to apply the essential liquids one at a time and immediately submerge the one in the powder before starting the next day.

✔️ Apply only a thin cap of liquids at a time to avoid distortions or unwanted sticking.

✔️ Gently remove excess dust after each use.

✔️ Allow yourself time every step of the way to achieve the best result possible.

✔️ Follow the specific time limits for Activator - Top Coat.

✔️ Apply a sufficient amount of Activator to ensure that the dust settles optimally and no clouds of air form on the edges. Don't forget the tip and edges of the needle.

✔️ Try to complete the whole hand before collecting the excess with the pin.

✔️ Remove the liquids immediately after use to prevent the product from lasting.

✔️ Clean the applicators after each manicure by soaking them for approximately 1-2 hours on the pins holder.

Perguntas mais frequentes

A remoção é rápida e fácil. Pode ser removido em apenas 15 minutos com o nosso kit de remoção ou com acetona 100% pura.

o verniz em pó dura até 4 semanas sem rachar ou lascar

Com apenas uma cor, pode fazer até 30 manicuras.

Claro que sim. Os nossos vernizes também podem ser facilmente aplicados nas unhas dos pés.

Claro que sim. Os nossos vernizes são concebidos para fazer a cobertura da unha natural, das acumulações e das pontas.

Não há problema, pode experimentar os seus vernizes durante 30 dias e, se não gostar deles, pode devolvê-los.