Remove nail polish powder quickly and easily

Step 1

Gently file the top layer of the polish, removing the top coat, with the 100/180 grit file.

*be careful not to file too much.

Step 2

Remove the transparent lid of the tray and pour hot water into the black container, then close it.

Now pour the remover into the spaces, making sure it fully covers the nails.

Step 3

Soak your nails for 15-20 minutes.

Then remove any remaining polish residues with a cuticle pusher and use a dry pad to clean the nail bed.

Step 4

Finally, use the polishing file on the nails.

Now repeat the procedure for the other hand.

Tips 💅

After completing the procedure, remember to wash your hands thoroughly to remove any product residues and, if you wish to keep your nails strong and resilient, add a few drops of Torrid Nails cuticle oil.