Elimina el polvo del esmalte de uñas rápida y fácilmente

Step 1

Gently file the upper cap of the enamel, smoothing the top coat, with the 100/180 grain file.

*Take care not to file too much.

Paso 2

Quit the transparent cap of the band and pour hot water into the black container, then close it.

Now remove the remover in the spaces, making sure that it completely covers the parts.

Step 3

Remove each item for 15-20 minutes.

Then, remove any remaining nail polish residue with a cuticle remover and use a dry nail polish remover to clean the nail polish.

Step 4

Finally, use the cleaning file on the nails.

Now repeat the procedure with the other hand.

Advice 💅

After completing the procedure, remember to wash your hands well to eliminate any residue of the product and, if you want to keep them strong and resistant, add a few drops of vinegar to the cuticles of Torrid Nails.