kit semipermanente senza lampada

Semi-permanent kit without lamp: all in one for COOL nails

Semi-permanent kit without lamp, all in one sets to do professional nails yourself at home easily and in a short time

How to do your nails yourself with the semi-permanent powder kit

It's called dip powder, it's a manicure technique that uses semi-permanent powder nail polish. Far from being a newly created technique, dipping has been around for some time, but recently this technique has made a comeback thanks to to one of the social platforms preferred by young people: Instagram.


The dip manicure consists of dipping the nails in pigmented powder of the chosen color, after applying a base. It does not smell like solvent when applied, it dries in half the time and is removed more easily than normal semi-permanent nail polish (no need to file). The kit for doing nails at home allows you to find, after removing the nail polish, a healthy and beautiful nail. The powder nail polish kit is perfect for nail art creations and guarantees nails with a great visual impact.


The advantages linked to the use of the dip system are:

  • the semi-permanent nail polish kit guarantees long duration (from 3 to 4 weeks)
  • the result is shining
  • the semi-permanent powder manicure does not require the use of a UV lamp
  • nail polish non-toxic and odorless
  • does not yellow
  • resistant to cracks, water and chipping.

Here's how to apply semi-permanent powder nail polish with the help of a kit without a UV lamp.

1 / Prepare your nails to receive nail polish

File the shape of the nail you want, push the cuticles with the tool provided, lightly sand the nail so that the powder adheres better.

2 / The base and the powder

Apply a first layer of base, thin and uniform. Then, dip your finger into the jar of semi-permanent powder nail polish of your choice and remove the excess paint, with the wide brush . Proceed, therefore, with a second thin and uniform layer: dip your finger in the powder again and remove the excess material with the wide brush. Some nail polishes require a third coat, if you prefer perfect and flawless coverage: you can apply a final coat, thin and uniform, then dip the nail again in the powder and remove the excess with the brush.

3 / Second bottle of the semi-permanent kit: the activator

  • Wait 1 to 2 minutes for the last base layer to dry
  • Apply the activator
  • Leave on for 2 minutes
  • Apply the activator again
  • Wait 2 minutes

4 / Third bottle of the semi-permanent kit: the top coat

  • Apply the first coat
  • Let dry for 2 minutes
  • Apply the last coat
  • Wait for 3 minutes

That's it, the manicure with semi-permanent powder nail polish is done.

You can dip one finger after another (thumb: step 2/3/4, then index finger: step 2/3/4, etc.), or perform the same step on each finger (step 2 for all fingers, step 3 for all fingers, step 4 for all fingers, etc.).

Use a sharp tool, such as a toothpick, and run it around the cuticle area after dipping your finger. Use it to remove excess powder while it is still quite soft and moldable. This will give your cuticles a cleaner look. Always make the first dip about 3/4 of the way down the nail: go down 4/5 of the way down the nail in the second. This will help your nails last longer.

If you are using glitter, you will need to adjust it with each dip. Again, a toothpick can come in handy.

If you're dipping extra long nails, you can use a cupcake liner and fill it with powder for a larger surface area to dip, then pour the remaining powder into the jar for later use. If you want to avoid uneven nails, you can gently place the nail in the powder jar instead of soaking. This will prevent the pushing motion and help keep clumps of dust from building up.

How to dry your nails without a lamp

kit semipermanente senza lampada

By superimposing very thin layers, therefore eliminating excess powder well, application and drying will be faster. To do this, you just need to make sure that the brush is cleaned, so that very little material gets on the nail, each time.

Also be careful to wait until the first coat of activator is completely dry before applying the second.

The good rules of all other types of nail paints also apply to semi-permanent powder nail polishes: those that are less than a year old are easier to apply and they dry faster. It's not so much a question of powder, but of activator and top coat: over time the contents of these two bottles of the economical semi-permanent kit tend to thicken. The application therefore risks being lumpy, creating halos or excess materials on the nail, as well as taking much longer to harden.

Most semi-permanent powder manicure systems do not require a UV lamp for application and are often referred to as the application method dip top coat. The base coat (commonly referred to as step 1) is done with the same liquid as the topcoat, referred to as top coat for dipping.

There are 3 risks that can be avoided only by following the entire procedure to the letter and correctly.

1 The top coat does not dry

There are 2 possibilities:

  • failure to apply activator: activator is used to speed up the drying process, so without it the top coat will not dry. After filing and shaping the nails, the activator should then be applied to all 10 fingers. It is advisable to use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove excess.
  • the first coat of top coat was applied too thickly: for a correct technique, the first coat of top coat must be thin, while the second can be slightly thicker. The fewer strokes you use, the brighter the top coat will appear.

2. The result is not brilliant

In this case, the possibilities are 3:

  • a ventilator was used. Wind can cause dulling and wrinkling in paint. For best shine, let the product air dry for 2 minutes without fans.

  • aimproper application of top coat

  • only 1 coat of top coat was used: 2 coats are needed to make the nails shiny. The first coat seals and protects, the second gives shine.

3. The nails lift after a few days of application

It is possible that:

  • the preparation is improper. Any excess cuticles on the natural nail will cause lifting. For adequate preparation, use a fine file to remove the natural shine of the nail and a specific tool to remove cuticles. The ideal file grit is 180. Excess moisture on natural nails will also cause the nail polish to lift. The preparation serves, in fact, to balance the PH level on the nails and dehydrate them before applying the base.
  • the top coat is applied incorrectly. Excess dust resulting from nail filing can contribute to lifting of the nail polish. To avoid this, it is necessary to use a fine-grained file to remove the resulting material, close to the skin. Too much top coat can also overflow and cause lifting as your nails grow. It is, therefore, preferable to leave a very thin gap in the application.

What do you need to do semi-permanent hair at home without a lamp

kit semipermanente senza lampada

To do semi-permanent hair at home without a lamp you need to have all the basic tools necessary to carry out all the steps described above.

The kit includes:

  • 4 essential liquids
    • base 
    • activator
    • top coat
    • brush saver 
  • powder base
  • powder enamel
  • fine-grained and coarse-grained file
  • soft brush to remove excesses

Among the cheap semi-permanent dip manicure kits, the essential kit by Torrid Nails is one of the best, in terms of value for money. It has the same performance as the nail polishes and kits used by nail artists and costs less than 70 euros, theequivalent of a manicure session. It contains 4 colors of your choice that you can select during purchase. In just 24 hours, you'll be ready to get to work.

How to choose the most suitable dipping power kit

Choosing the most suitable kit for you, to start making semi-permanent anicure powder at home means not only selecting the one that allows you to test more colours, but also the most complete package of everything you need. Torrid Nails is a leading company in the sector: it is an Italian brand and its products are safe for health, easy to use, quick to apply and in drying and of great effect. A little chauvinism doesn't hurt, right? After all, made in Italy is envied all over the world so why not use it to dress nails too?

Even if your dipping manicure looks amazing for weeks, you'll probably want to remove the semi-permanent powder nail polish because your nails have grown out or to change color. When the time comes, the best solution is to use the Removal kit from Torrid Nails. It is a special nail polish remover in powder form that ensures its removal without damaging your nails. And here you are ready for a new manicure session.

How much does the nail kit cost and why do you save money

The prices for a manicure with semi-permanent powder nail polish in a beauty center vary depending on how expensive the salon or nail artist is. You can generally expect to spend between 50 and 120 euros.

The dip powder manicure at home has completely different costs. The Essential kit by Torrid Nails costs around 70 euros and lasts several months . All things considered, therefore, an excellent investment. Are you ready to dive into the magical world of powder nail polishes too?

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