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Nails for Christmas 2022: colors, designs and creative suggestions

The preparations for the holidays have begun: you have purchased the garlands to attach to the shelves and thought about the outfit for the Holy Night. But what will your nails look like for Christmas? If this year you are looking for something different than the classic red or green, we invite you to try slightly more festive nail art creations for the big day.

There are so many options for Christmas: so all you have to do is choose. From candy canes to glitter, from snowflake ornaments to polka dots. The powder nail polish, known as dip powder, allows for an infinite number of combinations, which will last throughout the holiday season and will not damage the nails, as it happens, however, with normal semi-permanent nail polishes. If, then, you think that a design on each nail might be too ambitious, then limit yourself to dressing up just one , without being too showy.

Whether you are on the bad or the good list this year, just choose the nail shape that best suits you and the perfect creation to get you noticed with a themed manicure. Are you ready?


Simple but effective Christmas nails

Nails are 10 small spaces that can have a big impact on your look. With the dip powder manicure, you can create an accessory to wear throughout the holidays, like a jewel worn on the fingertips.

So take courage and let yourself be inspired with a festive manicure done with the dip system, for simple Christmas nails with a great visual impact.

The process is simple: powdered nail polish, also called dip powder, is a nail polish made up of fine particles. It therefore takes the form of a colored powder. It allows you to obtain different effects: glitter, shades, matte or metallic finishes, etc.

Just apply a base coat, dip one finger at a time into the powder nail polish to cover the nail and then add a layer of top coat, so it can harden.

Easy to apply and quick to dry, dipping is perfectly suited to people who are in a hurry, especially because it can last as long as a semi-permanent, i.e. up to 3 weeks.

The dip powder manicure has no side effects, the result is obtained easily and without risk to the nails.

Don't know what to choose? Torrid Nails is a leading company in Italy for the production of powder nail polishes. Just give vent to your imagination and its products will make it a reality.

Sequins, snowflakes. Everything goes this time of year.

Geometric red designs

Even a Grinch can hide behind a geometric line design, in an intense red color that he feels like glittery velvet. Ideal for long Christmas nails: classic, yet festive, the Torrid Nails Royal Rose could be the mood that you need during the Christmas holidays.

Shimmering gold tips

unghie per natale

The easiest way to pack the holidays on your hands too? With Torrid Nails Big Nail Energy you can create a French nail with gold tips, also suitable for celebrating the arrival of the new year.

Forest green crescent

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For minimalists, a small forest green crescent at the base of the nail expresses the spirit of the holidays, without sacrificing aesthetics. In this case, Exotic Esmerald is definitely what you need.

Polka dots? Yes, but not trivial 

unghie per natale

And if you are a chic and discreet type, then nails with a plain base and polka dots created with rhinestones are perfect for celebrating in style.

Wavy Stripe Christmas Dip Powder Designs

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The curved Christmas-colored stripes, red and green, are thin but do not go unnoticed. With a brush, you can try making them yourself: just make sure you give each wave time to dry before moving on to the next one.

Green diagonal tips

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If the crescent with Exotic Esmerald doesn't convince you, the alternative is to create a diagonal French, to bring a little musk and sugar to a normal nude effect manicure. All you need is some nail tape to make this easy DIY perfect for everyone.

Nails like candy canes

Make your nails look like abstract candy canes with a red and white swirling design.

Golden circles on a green background

Simulate the Christmas tree effect? And then off with Exotic Esmerald on the bottom of the nail and small golden circles to be made with Big Nail Energy and place irregularly and asymmetrically on each nail. Just one piece of advice: don't exaggerate with the size.

How to do elegant Christmas nails

Christmas elegance? He runs, without a doubt, on white. To create elegant Christmas nails, just opt ​​for light colors, with metallic and silver elements, as well as all kinds of shades of white and gray.

On Christmas Eve, find moderation but treat yourself to a lot of rhinestones, glitter and confetti on your nails. The main thing is that the manicure recalls light or natural earth tones, such as beige. But what are the colors of elegance par excellence?

  • White: the winter season, like it or not, is associated with white. Soft snowflakes melting on your eyelashes, warm milky gloves, a soft blanket covering the city in snow and, of course, your themed manicure too.
  • Gold. The decorative glitter of precious metal on your nails will surely bring success and garner compliments from all the party guests. Gold looks great with both a little black dress and an elegant trouser suit. A golden manicure, like an expensive accessory, will give you status and create a festive atmosphere.
  • Beige. Calm, kind, discreet and natural. Milky beige nail polish is the best accompaniment to your elegance.
  • Green. Elegant by definition, the intense green, which evokes the color of fir branches, will decorate Christmas nails and will be appropriate even in its monotony.
  • Black. A bold option for the bravest. The dip powder black manicure is perfect if combined with a trendy tuxedo.
  • Purple. Unusual and attractive, dark nail polish of this shade will serve as an addition to a whimsical cocktail dress. Impossible not to notice you, for style.

Christmas nails: suggestions also for those who have short ones

If your nails are short or fragile (but with dipping it won't happen anymore), you can opt for designs, adding a beautiful decoration. Colors? They are all allowed, from pearly to opaque, embellished with rhinestones and glitter. Alternatively, a more or less traditional French one. The result will be super chic and feminine short Christmas nails. For those who want to dare and amaze, red, gold and blue are the right colors to shine during the holidays.

The timeless elegance of blue translates into pearly shades that recall the night sky on which snowflakes, ice stalactites and crystals stand out. For a more chic manicure, there is an emphasis on nails with baroque geometries. Finally, for a more delicate effect, choose light colored notes on a nude or white base.

There is no Christmas without a touch of red, ideal for those who don't want to overdo it. Then add snowflakes and the effect is guaranteed.

At Christmas, even on short nails, sequins absolutely cannot be missing. Glitter powder nail polish is a winter 2022 and holiday classic. For example, you could choose a ruby ​​red shade, elegant, festive and versatile to create various combinations.

Another very strong trend is the French manicure. You can choose between designs in bright colors or decorated with glitter. The classic white manicure on square-shaped nude nails and the application of Swarovski jewels on just one finger will make your hands elegant and shiny for Christmas. Those who want to try something new can opt for Christmas French nail designs combined with touches of gold.

Christmas nail art: here are some suggestions

unghie per natale

Thanks to the convenience of Torrid Nails' dip powder system, you don't need to be a professional manicurist to get your nails in the holiday spirit. Here are some simple nail art ideas that you can easily reproduce at home:

  • Festive stickers. Apply red nail polish to your thumb, index finger, middle finger and little finger and green nail polish to your ring finger. Place the snowflake nail stickers on the nail polish when it is completely dry. Finally, give another coat of transparent top coat to prolong the life of the manicure.
  • Chic nail art. On a red base, once the paint is dry, place self-adhesive paper on the nails to form small triangles at the base of the nail. Then apply a golden glitter nail polish on the triangles you have formed. Let dry and remove the tape.

Finish with a layer of clear top coat.

  • Gift package on the ring finger. For the base, in this case, choose an iridescent blue for all the nails. Outline the area where the package will be drawn using scraps of tape to form a square at the tip of the nail. Color this area with silver nail polish. Once dry, carefully remove the tape and draw the gift package ribbons. Finish with a layer of top coat on all nails.
  • Hollies. On a nude base, draw the holly leaves using a fine nail art brush, red nail polish and green nail polish. Apply a layer of clear top coat to all nails.

And what kind of manicure do you have?

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