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Armochromia nails: choose nail polishes in line with your palette

Armocromia nails: why it is important to follow it

In recent months the concept of armocromia has spread in an unexpected way, involving all areas linked to the aesthetic sphere, from clothes to make-up, without neglecting manicure and nail care.

It would in fact be a real discord to choose a nail polish, such as the dip powder one, that is not in the same palette as the person, as it would tend to dull the complexion and not make it stand out the natural light of the skin.

After having received a professional evaluation from an armochromy expert, it is possible to define a series of colors that are particularly flattering, placing others in an intermediate area and completely eliminating some colors that are instead dissonant.

To do this it is advisable to first observe the undertone of the skin and identify whether it is warm or cold.

Not everyone knows that it is also possible to carry out this operation by starting from the skin of the hands and bringing gold or silver colored drapes closer, and then proceeding with other colors in order to identify the winning contrasts.

Since the hands are more subject to the action of the sun and wear, it is possible that in some areas, such as the knuckles, there are discolorations and therefore.

Choose the right shade of powder nail polish, opting for example for classic variants such as Nude Pink, Wine time and Dark Drams , it can help cover even these small defects.

The colors are numerous and all contained in practical kits, which range from natural to aubergine, just to name a few.

Finally, remember that color harmony does not only work by identifying the person's season, but subdivides it into four categories based on its intensity, with individuals who are between two solutions and therefore can be worn without disfiguring nuances of different types.

Armocromia spring nail polishes: colors and nail art to try

Spring is, together with autumn, one of the two warm seasons and presupposes a skin undertone of this kind.

The women who fall into this category are given all those colors that are called sorbet, bright and luminous such as the Raced Red of the dip powder nail polish or salmon pink, making sure that their trend is always warm.



You can choose to create a single-color manicure with the Torrid Nails nail polishes or opt for an elegant French with a colored tip in this way, so as to give an original touch to the your hands at any time of the year.

The mood is that of flowers and tropical fruit, to be proposed not only in summer but also in winter, to enhance your features and illuminate your skin.

For the holidays, however, go ahead with gold-colored glitter, both simply to decorate the edges and to cover the entire nail and make it the real focus of the look.

The multicolor nails are very trendy, which follow a shade of the same color or are an explosion of complementary and contrasting tones.

If the aim is to create more sober and delicate nails, go ahead with nuances of flesh pink or peach, as long as you don't end up with cold shades, which dull the complexion.

However, remember to opt for bright colours, otherwise the result is too dull.

Armocromia summer nails: find colors to make your complexion stand out

Summer is part of the cold undertones, contrary to what one might think, therefore it needs to be accentuated by opting for shades of this kind.

Pastel colors are very popular, as they enhance both the tan during the summer and the lighter complexion the rest of the year, making the face and hands appear decidedly brighter.

You can have fun with the Solair shimmer by Torrid Nails, suitable for women who love to amaze and maintain a childish dimension, the light blue tiffany, elegant and iconic in every season, the delicate and romantic sage green or a sparkling lemon yellow, perfect for the bravest women who love to leave people speechless with style.

You can create one of the most elegant French dresses by opting for a border of silver glitter, or create a delicate floral design on a neutral base, using rhinestones to decorate the composition.

The essential thing is not to turn to gold, which does not go well with the cold seasons, preferring lunar tones as well as midnight or royal blue.

As for the classic shades of red, in this case green light to raspberry, with the possibility of varying on fuchsia and burgundy.

On the other hand, warm nuances such as flesh pink, warm brown or mauve pink really dull the complexion, accentuating the discolouration of the hands and preventing you from creating a perfect manicure.

Armocromia autumn manicure: let yourself be inspired

Autumn is a very versatile color harmony season, which prefers a warm base with romantic hints.

The favorite tones are those of the forest, which recall the typical foliage of this season.

The autumn woman is extremely refined and proudly wears the color gold, both to create decorative motifs based on a neutral nail and to make the French ideal for the holiday season.

The tones of orange brown are very popular, applied evenly on the nails or creating a warm and delicious shade, which starts from the brick color and ends in a pumpkin orange.

If you are a lover of dark manicures, you can select a warm aubergine color for the colder season, to be left saturated and elegant or to be decorated with a gold or contrasting edge.

Alternatively, autumn loves coral red and peach pink, especially if you need to stick to more classic tones and create a more sober manicure.

Flesh color goes well with the complexion of women this season, while baby pink and all cold-based pastel tones, which they create like an eyesore with this skin undertone.

The dark forest green is also very interesting, which can be combined with brown and used to create elegant floral motifs on one or more nails of the hand, leaving the others more neutral but always capable of evoking the atmosphere of the forest and nature in autumn.

Armocromia winter colors: the best colors for you

We end our excursus of the most suitable colors to follow the harmony of the seasons with those dedicated to winter, one of the most decisive and strong variations.

In fact, winter doesn't like half measures or pastel colours, much less flesh pink which dulls the complexion and makes it grey.

Green light for black, very trendy this season, both in its compact version for all nails and as a simple finish on a transparent base, for a French strong or for a refined polka dot decoration.

The same tone is the Pink Lemonade, again chosen from the powder colors dip powder and in its cold variant, which goes well with black and silver if you want to decorate the nail with a geometric rather than floral motif.

Lovers of lacquer red will have free access to this color, perfect not only for parties, but for any glamorous event that requires style and refinement.

The royal blue enhances the skin of winter women and gives a further boost to the look, making itself noticed without losing anything in terms of elegance.

Have you thought about how current and fun an animal print can be?

Without falling into the trap of brown, more suitable for the warm seasons, alternate a black and white zebra print and you will leave everyone breathless by combining it with a basic, total black look.

Tones of pink are not prohibited, as long as they are cold and very bright, possibly dark and full of color.

How to choose the color palette for your nails that's right for you

If you are looking for the best palette for your nails, the advice is to resort to an armocromia session turning to an expert.

Or follow a tutorial and define which season best suits your person.

The starting point is that of the complexion, without considering the hair that must be covered, since in most cases the color is not the natural and original one.

If you notice greater shine with silver it means that it belongs to a cold season, therefore winter or summer, while if it stands out with gold then it is better to turn to the warm seasons, such as spring and autumn.

We then proceed with a series of drapes to understand the degree of intensity of the season, in order to define the best palette for clothes, make-up and nail polish.

How to match nail polish

It is not necessary for the nail polish to be the exact same color as the outfit, as it is also fun to play with contrasts and complementary colours, as long as you know the color wheel well.

The matter becomes more complicated if the manicure includes multiple colours, as it would be advisable to include at least one in the clothing to avoid the combination of too many colors and a truly confusing effect.

Let's say that if you opt for multicolored vitamin nails, try to have a lower profile in terms of clothing and look, focusing on bright tones but minimal patterns.

If, however, you are a fan of black, red and burgundy, these leave a lot of room for manoeuvre, as they are quite neutral tones that combine well with black and white, with winter patterns such as tartan, but also with dark-based floral ones.

A style tip is to try to match the lipstick to the nail polish as much as possible, so that the complexion is illuminated in the same way for both the hands and the face.

If you don't have the same shade, opt for a complementary one, considering the cold and warm component depending on your season and the degree of intensity of the color that suits you best.

In fact, there are women who belong to the same season but have a very different palette, as the subcategory has a significant impact on the colors to choose.

Learn to match the nail polish to your complexion, opting for an established and safe brand like Torrid Nails, rich in colors and with modern powder technology, will improve everything your appearance, in a natural way and shining with its own light, without the need for particular precautions.

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