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Long-lasting nail polishes without lamps: 5 important things to know

What are long-lasting nail polishes without the need for a lamp? Have you ever wondered what the main characteristics of nail polishes that don't need UV/LED are?
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What are long-lasting nail polishes without the need for a lamp? Have you ever wondered what the main characteristics of nail polishes that don't need UV/LED are?

Maybe you don't know it, but there are 5 fundamental qualities that allow you to choose the best nail polish for you. Plus, with a few tips, you can make it last even longer.

In general, to establish when a nail polish is long-lasting, one can take as a reference the classic nail polish lasting approximately 3-2 days which is removed with than normal acetone.

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  3. How to make nail polish last a long time, some suggestions

To be considered long-lasting nail polishes all those products that maintain their characteristics of uniformity, elegance and hold for 7 days up to a few weeks. We find among these glazes:

  • long-lasting nail polish, thanks to its formulation it lasts up to 7 days, it is found in glass bottles with cap and brush ready to use
  • acrylic enamel is a mix of colored acrylic powder and activator liquid, to be prepared as necessary. This nail polish has a high density therefore it is used in the reconstruction, lengthening and in the creation of the curvature of the nails. Acrylic requires great manual skill and speed of application
  • Dip Powder or dip powder is an innovative and versatile powder enamel, it allows you to it saves time and is easy to apply even for those approaching the world of manicure for the first time

The long-lasting nail polishes mentioned above without the use of an oven allow you to create a manicure at home, even if they require different levels of skill.

5 things you maybe don't know about long-lasting nail polishes without UV lamp

So what are the 5 important things to know to choose the best nail polish suitable for DIY manicures.

1 . DURABILITY when a nail polish starts to lose its characteristics, for example the color fades, or it starts to flake due to hot water, aggressive soaps or the effect of sunlight.

You can then determine how long your nail polish actually lasts:

  • the long-lasting nail polish, lasts up to 6-7 days
  • acrylic is a nail polish and can last from approximately 3 to 4 weeks
  • Dip Powder nail polish lasts up to 4 weeks maintaining its aesthetic characteristics

2 . DRYING TIME of UV-free nail polish is an essential element in choosing the ideal nail polish, because today there is less and less time available; a thousand chores to do and few moments to dedicate to yourself.

Knowing the time needed to dry each layer of nail polish without the use of UV can make a difference in planning your daily commitments.

In fact, these types of glazes dry at very different times, leaving the air:

  • the long-lasting classic nail polish takes a few minutes
  • acrylic is the fastest, it dries in just about 30 seconds 
  • the Dip powder nail polish dries within 2 minutes

3 . RESISTANCE TO CHIPPING AND BREAKAGE is a characteristic of a nail polish that should not be underestimated, because it can influence the budget and the time you will allocate to the frequency of manicures.

The composition of long-lasting nail polishes, which do not use UV, determines their resistance to chipping, breaking and scratching.

Without getting too technical, we can say that:

  • the long-lasting nail polish is the most delicate, less resistant to scratches and aggressive detergents 
  • acrylic nail polish is among the most resistant because it is a polymeric compound that clings to the nail
  • Dip Power is equally robust and is not aggressive to the nail

4 . ODOUR based on the raw materials that make up the nail polish, it can give off a more or less intense smell of solvent or be odourless.

In case you are a person sensitive to this aspect below you will find the differences only in the glazes that do not require the use of an oven:

  • the long-lasting nail polish has a moderate odor of solvent which is quite tolerable 
  • acrylic has an intense chemical odor, it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to it 
  • Dip powder nail polish is totally odorless and suitable for most people

5 . REMOVAL finally, the practicality of removing nail polish from nails should be taken into consideration. However long-lasting a nail polish may be, the time will come when it will need to be removed, the time necessary for this type of operation will need to be considered in the manicure steps.

In addition to time, there are also tools dedicated to removal to consider, which will need to be purchased, depending on the type of nail polish you choose to wear.

So how do you eliminate nail polishes without a lamp that last longer:

  • the long-lasting nail polish can be removed in a few minutes with common acetone 
  • acrylic is a resistant enamel, therefore its removal requires a lot of time and the use of cutters to scratch it
  • Dip Powder polish takes a few minutes and is easy to remove, without the use of tools 

Keep in mind that the use of cutters, to remove acrylic nail polish, also implies thinning the nail and makes it weak, it is therefore a It is advisable to leave this operation to expert hands.

What is the best nail polish without UV lamp and why

After having analyzed together the 5 main characteristics of lamp-free nail polishes, perhaps you are wondering: "which is the best?"

The answer is simple, the nail polish that has all the characteristics you are looking for is Dip Powder the immersion powder nail polish :

  • Simple to apply, it doesn't smudge because it's in powder
  • Fast: dries without a UV lamp in just two minutes
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • superior resistance to chipping and breakage
  • non-toxic and certified
  • simple to remove, in a few minutes, with specific products

Dip nail polish is suitable for any level of manicure skill, from beginners to the most experienced nail artist.

Here are some suggestions on how to make nail polish last a long time

We have reached the end of the article, if you have reached this point, we hope you have found some useful information.

It's time to say goodbye with some simple and never predictable suggestions to help you keep your nail polish in perfect condition for longer.

No matter which type of UV-free nail polish you choose, remember:

  • be sure to file and clean your nails thoroughly, so that they are ready to receive the nail polish
  • use a cuticle pusher to prevent the nail polish from sticking to the skin and skipping
  • use cuticle oil to soften the skin before applying nail polish
  • check that there is no residue of dry nail polish or base when applying the new layers of nail polish
  • apply multiple thin layers of nail polish for a brighter, longer-lasting color.
  • wait for one layer to dry perfectly before applying the second
  • use latex or rubber gloves if your hands come into prolonged contact with hot water and aggressive detergents (e.g. dish soap)

Do you have any other tips for keeping nail polish without a lamp, stored longer?

How do you like the nail polish you're using? Are you ready to choose your next nail polish?

Write it in the comments, we are very curious and we would like to know your opinion, see you soon!

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