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Summer 2022 nail polishes: 9 amazing manicures

Beach days and barbecues are finally on the horizon and it's time to update your nail polish. This summer 2022 is the season of the boldest colors and patterns.

Do you want to amaze your friends and drive your friends crazy with jealousy with the trendiest nails ever? Try our tips for summer 2022 nail polishes.

Summer 2022 nail polishes: 9 trends to drive the world crazy

1.Fluo enamels

Think about going to the disco, the lights go out and... your nails illuminate the darkness, that's right, thanks to Torrid Nails powder nail polishes you can create nails that look like daylight in just a few minutes and without smudging they are simple fluorescent colors like many are found, but then when the light goes they really shine in the dark.

If you want to make a great impression on summer nights you cannot do without these new super cool nail polishes, you will certainly attract all eyes to you.

Don't know what color to start with? It seems like  neon red is super trendy. Let's not forget that the brightness of fluorescent nail polishes makes the complexion appear more tanned even to those who tend to be quite light and pale, so why not take advantage of it?

2.Nail Art Wave

Wave or curved nail art is very simple to create. Very colorful and with a Pop effect, the curve goes crazy on Instagram, giving us ideas for extra glam manicures. This type of manicure is created by creating wave designs based on another color and also hides a big secret: waves not only attract attention, but make the fingers appear more tapered.
Do you think it's difficult to achieve? Don't worry, the waves don't have to all have the same shape and length. With dip powder nail polish that doesn't smudge and doesn't need a UV lamp, everything is even simpler.
With a wonderful retro effect, the wavy shape of the design makes this look easy to customize.

  1. You can try nude nails with pastel decorations. For those who love a discreet look.
  2. Transparent base and wave decorations of different thicknesses and shades for super catchy nails.
  3. You can make them a little candy-like
  4. Create a more geometric effect

In short, there is something for all tastes.

3.Cat eyes

A new trend for the summer that is becoming popular on Instagram is the type of manicure nicknamed cat eye. A diagonal line is drawn in the center of the nail creating the cat's eye effect. The lines are the most disparate: thin, thick, straight, crooked or wobbly. Usually a metallic shade is used to create the central stripe. An extremely simple way to achieve the cat's eye effect is to use dip powder. In fact, it is much easier to spread the powder vertically with the appropriate brush, rather than using a magnet or traditional nail polish.


For those who love shades, you can approach the ombré manicure which involves the application and blending of two colors (usually complementary) on the same nail (from lightest to darkest or vice versa).
You can go from softer combinations such as light blue with white to combinations for a more UAO effect such as electric blue with yellow, once you have learned the technique you can try all the shades you want and free your imagination.
Do you think it's difficult to achieve? With powder nail polishes creating an ombré manicure is simpler than you think.

5.Glitter nail polishes

This summer, consider painting your nails with glitter nail polish to catch the sun's natural rays and shine with a luminous shine. The shiny glitter nail polish optimizes your skin's natural luminosity and gives you an essential sun-kissed look. Glitter nail polishes are also very versatile thanks to the different existing color shades. These nail polishes can also be applied in combination with others in nude or pastel shades. No matter what color you prefer to paint your nails, a shimmering finish will transform any manicure into a trendy and elegant design.

6.Floral designs

Floral designs with delicate or stylized elements can give a personalized and subtle touch to any standard summer manicure. If you prefer to avoid floral motifs, you can try to personalize by making waves that recall the ocean, or the sun's rays in order to celebrate the season in the right way!
As we have seen, the colors and fantasy are the best choice for your nail polishes this summer 2022. Try Torrid Nails Dip Powder Kits to enjoy the long-lasting manicure and try the many color combinations.

7.Baby boomers

This lool evergreen couldn't be missing! If you are someone who prefers a more classic nail look, rather than the explosive manicure trends seen around lately, you will be happy that the baby boomer continues to be a trend for summer 2022. This type of nail art is a perfect mix of minimalism and timeless style.
Also known as French ombré or French fade, this trend is basically a new interpretation of the classic French manicure. While traditional French nails have a light pink base with a well-defined and contrasting white stripe at the top, baby boomers blend pink and white together, creating a very elegant gradient effect.
Powder nail polishes are perfect for reproducing this shade even at home. Furthermore, if you want to dare a little more, you can use more intense and eccentric colors: fuchsia, blue, raspberry, green. You can dare as you like!

8.Color Block

Do you want to start the summer with a retro effect on your nails? If so, color block nails are the perfect manicure trend to kickstart your summer 2022 and turn your fingers into a piece of art. Rather than alternating nail polish colors on each finger, this trend instead divides each individual nail into color blocks. Thanks to the Dip Powder you can spread the nail polish comfortably to obtain the block effect.
The contrasting shapes and shades of this trend give it a retro look that pays homage to the bold and vibrant designs of the '80s and '90s. Your manicure can feature color blocks of pink, red and white squares or circles of blue and purple nail polish layered with this pattern.

9.Pastel Colors

If neon nail polish doesn't suit your personality, don't be afraid. Pastel nail polishes are also trending this summer! Following the fashion trends of the early 2000s, pastel colors have made a comeback in recent years.
Pastel powder nail polishes give a soft and delicate look to any outfit and are perfect for those who want to explore colors that don't distract too much from the rest.Furthermore, they are easier to match than other colors.
If you want to take this trend to the next level, try alternating different shades of the same color on each nail, creating a pantone effect.

Powder nail polishes: summer manicure 2022

For summer 2022 you can count on a new technique for a longer-lasting gel manicure: powder nail polish or dip powder. Whether you decide to go to a salon, or get your nails done at home, dip powder manicure is the easiest way to achieve extremely pigmented color that lasts for more than three weeks.

The effect is so surprising that you will no longer be able to do without the Dip Powder Kits from Torrid Nails. Your nails are treated with a pigmented and resistant powder. The biggest selling point with this type of nail polish is that, unlike gels, it does not smudge and does not have to be dried with a UV lamp.

The technique varies slightly from salon to salon, but here's what you can generally expect:

  • The nails are first cleaned and filed, then a nail polish remover is used to completely remove oils and excess nail polish.
  • A base coat consisting of a liquid and a powder is applied to the nails
  • on top of this a liquid base coat is added plus the color
  • a liquid called activator is then passed
  • Finally, a top coat is applied as a sealant.

The advantages of powder manicure

During this summer 2022, try powder nail polishes, so that your manicure lasts longer despite the sun, sand and sea water!

In fact, one of the main advantages of the Dip System is that it is more resistant and long-lasting: to this characteristic is also added the ease of production which makes it a perfect homemade technique.

Why is it recommended as a home technique?

  • Powder nail polish does not smudge: since it is the sum of the liquid plus the powder that creates the color, even if a little powder gets on the skin it will not remain stuck there but can be removed with the help of a brush.
  • Powder nail polish dries in the air so it does not need UV light.
  • The nail polish is simple to remove, all you need is acetone and hot water.

By purchasing one of the special Torrid Nails kits, you will have at your disposal in a convenient summer case everything you need for the Dip Powder manicure and a wide range of shades and shades suitable for all occasions.

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